About Runflow

RUNFLOW was setup with the sole purpose of combining running training plans, run technique analysis and run conditioning for everyday runners, its aim to provide the best foundation to increase running fitness and prevent injury.  The founder, Lee Watkins has worked with many runners of all abilities rehabilitating them for the last 10+ years as a physiotherapist.  Whilst the 'treatment' side of working with runners is very important, it does not always address the cause for many and this is where Lee found running technique, training errors in their running plans and lack of body conditioning were powerful barriers to injury resolution and training progression.  This led lee for many years down the path of increasing his skills in running analysis, understanding of running training plan philosophies and maximizing his skills in conditioning for runners.

Like everything, Lee believes in having the in depth knowledge of a subject but applying it with simplistic principles to gain maximum results.   Running does not have to be complicated and here at RUNFLOW we like to keep it simple for the everyday runner.  However, when required we go in depth for those pushing on to higher levels of running or those that have a higher running knowledge base.