Run Plans

Improve your running performance and minimise your risk of running injuries with a customised running training plan. Our online questionnaire will provide us with information about your running knowledge, ability, experience, race goals and more, we will use this to create a custom running plan for you.

If you want to maximise your running training then you can add on RUN CONDITIONING. This is a customised home and/or gym exercise programme that will target your weaknesses and enhance your strengths through flexibility, mobility, strength, speed and power training etc.

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What’s included?

1. Comprehensive online questionnaire assessment with skilled interpretation of all aspects of your running

2. Fully customised TRAINING PLAN written by a run specialist. Session plans + session guidance according to your needs outlined in your assessment

3. Personal Training account with coach and athlete interaction on a session by session basis via workout comments

4. Training plan reviews through email with an emphasis on training feedback and running training education

5. Coach alerts upon session completion to monitor plan and aid plan reviews

5. Daily workout email reminders

6. Training education resources

8. BONUS: Limited specialist physiotherapy injury advice

9. Add on RUN CONDITIONING and you will get a fully customised video and image exercise program

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How it works

1. Select your running plan below

2. Choose the duration of your plan

3. Add on run conditioning if desired

4. Purchase your plan

5. Complete online questionnaire via email link

6. Receive your plan in 3-5 days

Choose a plan

If you need any help in choosing the right training plan for you, please contact us at