Run Technique Analysis

Improving running technique can have many benefits such as injury prevention, increased running speed, increased running economy, and increased running satisfaction. Our running analysis will look at cadence, foot placement & foot strike, stride width, stride length, arm action, running posture and much more to improve your running form.

As part of the analysis we delve into your running history, injury history, running goals, technique changes, technique beliefs, etc.  When satisfied with our findings we can use running cues, running drills, visual & audible feedback, strength training and training advice to improve your running technique.

Whether you’re a beginner, advanced endurance runner or triathlete you can take your running form to the next level.

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What's included?

1. Comprehensive online questionnaire assessment with skilled interpretation of all aspects of your running

2. Visual, verbal and graphical feedback using normal, slow motion and freeze frame video footage

3. Written report accompanying video feedback

4. Information you need to know, not what you don’t need to know!

5. Corrective intervention strategies using running drills, cues and exercises via the report and an online exercise program

6. A second review of your running technique changes with further intervention as necessary

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How it works

1. Purchase your running analysis

2. Enter your contact details

3. Choose an online self assessment via email link or phone consultation

4. You go ahead and video your running and upload to us. Receive a ’how to guide’ to do this.

5. Receive analysis feedback and intervention strategies within 72 hours.

6. Review running analysis with further intervention as necessary